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    Plaza Sa Riba 5, Puerto de Ibiza

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    4 reviews


    Average price 28€

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday
    05:30pm - 01:30am


    We introduce you Sausalito Ibiza, specialized in grilled meat, fish and vegetables.

    Their food is  made by quality products. Also they offer delicious wines for which they want their customers to experience new feelings and sensations can choose from a variety of wineries working, giving the option to try new things with reasonable prices.

    What are you waiting for? Visit them and check it out!



    * Angulas 100 gr.
    * Anchovies Catalina (best anchovy 2014-2015)
    * Caviar Nacarii
    * Oysters
    * Venison carpaccio stuffed with porcini and foie
    * Snails (made on the grill)
    * Iberian ham 100 gr.
    * Cut to Knife
    * Mi-cuit Foie de canard with toast

    * Ceps (boletus) with ham and chips mi-cuit
    * Potatoes braised ham with 4 cheeses
    * Spinach Catalan (fried with raisins and pine nuts)
    * Baby broad beans with braised prawns and squid
    * Asparagus braised with ham
    * Warm salad of mushrooms (porcini) and prawns
    * Delight warm salad with duck and foie gras biscuit
    * Gazpacho Sausalito (gazpacho) with sauteed prawns and mushrooms
    * Romesco salad
    * Endive with flaked cod, bonito and homemade romesco sauce
    * A pause ... a pica pica
    * Llescas (pagés toasted bread with tomato and olive oil)
    * Steak beef, braised zucchini and melted brie cheese
    * Ceps (boletus) with ham and brie cheese
    * Grilled vegetables, tuna belly and sweet onion
    * Table of cold cuts and cheese with toast (one in the south)


    * Friesian cow or Pint of Cantabria 1000 gr.
    It is a tasty meat, very grain of marbling fat that provides juiciness and flavor equally. It is a meat that melts in your mouth. It has a rich, persistent, elegant and silky taste.

    * Cow Rubia Gallega 1000 gr.
    It is also a very muscularly infiltrated by his fat meat. They are beef cows. With its fat more intense yellow, with notes reminiscent of cheese. Its flavor is somewhat stronger than the Vaca Pinta.

    * Cow Cantabria Tudanca 1000 gr.
    It is something unique and exceptional. Because of that breed in the high mountains, wild way, they are very low in fat but incredibly intense in flavors and nuances. Properly treated this meat in one of the best beef there. Not always available because of its scarcity.

    * Chop steak 300 gr.
    Reinosa suckling calf, also in the Cantabrian mountains, are recognized fame. It's a ruddy meat, extremely tender and low-fat pearly white. This is due to their young age and their diet; only milk. Its flavor is mild, delicate and very nice.

    * T-Bone steak and chop
    (Two textures in the same piece) 1000 gr

    * Natural yogurt with berries
    * Vanilla soup with berries and strawberries
    * Cheesecake Sausalito
    * Valenciano without alcohol (vanilla ice cream and orange juice)
    * Flan Cheesecake with blueberry coulis
    * Natural Pineapple with Catalan cream
    * Symphony fruit
    Features Rating
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      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
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      • For dinner
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      • Mediterranean
      • Steak House
      • Fish

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