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    Restaurante Soleado

    Passeig ses Pitiüses s/n, 07800, Figueretes, Ibiza

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    478 reviews


    Starting from 25€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday, 10:00am to 12:00pm.


    The restaurant Soleado shines in the district of Figueretes, right next to the Mediterranean Sea's waves, and it offers a sample of French cuisine from a refined and creative standpoint with a noticeable touch from Provence.

    As an appetizer, you can order a delicious house specialty fish soup with rouille, a sauce derived from mayonnaise from Provence. As a second plate, a juicy ox fillet with red wine served with grilled potatoes and a ratatouille sauce. As a dessert, a tasty dôme of chocolate which has a lot of mouths watering. And as a drink, a genuine champagne Perrier Jouet or any of the multiple French and Spanish wines that you can choose in the menu.

    You cannot leave the Soleado without tasting one of its cocktails, some of them specialty of the house and with a Gallic inspiration, from the upper terrace. This is the perfect hideout for a romantic dinner with your couple or for a meeting among friends after a day at the beach. The views are enviable and you can even watch in the distance the neighboring island of Formentera with waves' whisper in the background.

    The decor is simple and austere, perfect for a relaxed and meeting. And the service, friendly and professional, detailing every element to provide you a perfect evening.


    MENU (in euros)

    Los de siempre

    Homemade fish soup.....9,90
    Ensalada Soleado (with fish and prawns).....12,50
    Goat cheese's hot pastry.....10,90


    Mussels au gratin, cream of gio and pepper.....9,80
    Homemade foie gras with mango chutney.....14,00
    Trilogy of guacamole, smoked salmon and lemon foam.....10,50

    Carpaccio's side

    Duck, pistachio, pine nuts and racala carpaccio.....10,90
    Beef carpaccio with cilantro and sesame.....11,50
    Cod carpaccio passion style.....11,20

    Pasta and Company

    Penne with goat cheese and asparagus.....12,50
    Vegetarian Penne.....12,50
    Scallops and prawns risotto.....15,20


    Rossini beef sirloin.....24,00
    Thyme lamb carré.....18,20
    Veal large steak with mushrooms ballots.....21,90
    Duck millefeuille with caramelized apples....16,50
    Ox entrecôte in Roquefort sauce.....16,90

    Return from fishing

    Brocheta of salmon with sesame, tapenade sauce.....16,50
    Sea bass papillote from sea bass a la Provenza.....18,90
    Turbot slice, saffron sauce...19,50
    Golden fillet, chorizo flake... 17,50


    You can choose between white, red and rosé wines from Spain and France.

    Cavas, champagnes and sangria


    Margarita Fresa.....7,00
    Blue Lagoon.....7,00
    Caipirinha or Caipiroska.....7,00
    Tropic Apple.....7,00
    Indiana Jones.....7,00
    Daïquiri Mango.....7,00
    Pink Mojito.....7,00
    Isla de Ibiza.....7,00
    Long Island.....7,00

    Daily special menu.....24.00
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 25-40 €
    • Ambiente


      • Romantic
      • Night
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • For dinner
      • With sunset
      • Lounge
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • International

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