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    Mar a Vila

    Av. Ignasi Wallis, 16 07800 Ibiza

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    648 reviews


    Starting from 20€

    Opening hours

    Monday to Saturday
    11.00am to 12.00pm

    Closed on Sundays


    Right in the heart of Ibiza town, we find the Mar a Vila Restaurant.

    It is a cozy and modern restaurant, where the good value for money has raised it to the Top-ten of recommended restaurants in Ibiza by the TripAdvisor users.

    They offer a great menu with very elaborated plates and tapas, which turns the restaurant into a referent regarding personal customer service.

    Among their specialities, we recommend the Glazed tuna with Nori seaweed & coffee cream tempura, the Piglet from Segovia sugared with pepper cream and potatoes, the Toasts of foie with pistachio and crispy apple or the Cod sugared with spinach cream and mustard's milk.

    And, of course, their top dessert: Mix of white and black chocolates with strawberry ice-cream on red wine sauce.

    Enjoy a perfect customer experience toguether with elaborated and equilibrated plates at the best price at Mar a Vila Restaurant!



    A bit of everything

    *Warm salad of prawns.....8,50€
    *Salad with tomato confit un basil and pickled chicken.....8,50€
    *Wok-fried vegetables with olive mayonnaise and quince.....9€
    Vegetable and fruit tempura.....9€
    Homemade croquettes.....8,50€
    Foie toasts with pistacho and crispy apple.....13€
    Violette potatoes with mustard and garlic.....7€
    Prawn carpaccio with vegetables tartar and its essence.....9€
    Anchovy toasts with strawberry vinaigrette and martini foam.....8€
    Fried fres squid with cirtrus reduction.....8,50€
    Raviolis fillef of foie and pine nuts with pear sauce.....9,50€
    Black pudding rolls with aplle and almond sauce.....7,50€

    Rices (Only at lunch)

    *Creamy rice with pumpkin and asparagus......10 €
    *Black rice squid, crispy rice and saffrom mayonnaise.....10 €


    *Tuna glaze, nori tempura and coffee cream.....12,50€
    *Cod confit with spinach cream and mustard milk.....11,50€
    *Scallops with parmesan foam....12,00€
    *Hake in clams sauce with cheese ice cream....12€


    *Sticky pork cheek with potatoe and carrot cream and macadamia nuts.....11,50€
    *Sirloin steak with sautéed mushrooms.....17€
    *Crispy confit suckling pig with piquillo pepper cream and potatoes.....14€
    *Iberian secret millefeullie and glazed potatoes in mustard.....12,50€
    *Lamb at low temperature.....13€
    *T-bone steak from avila.....24€
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      • 25-40 €
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      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Creative
      • Tapas

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