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    Carrer Major 8 – Ibiza

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    0 reviews


    Starting from 40 €

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday
    08:00pm to 01:00am.

    08:00pm to 02:00/03:00am.


    Kyupiddo is quite an experience for the senses. Located on the terrace of the Torre del Canónigo, this establishment has which is for many people the most impressive view in Ibiza, Dalt Vila, the upper part of Ibiza's old town of Ibiza declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    Although the sensory experience goes beyond the views. Kyupiddo offers Japanese cuisine with the best Mediterranean cuisine. A fusion of flavours that has resulted in an authentic cuisine d'auteur that transports you to the Eastern world.

    Therefore, Kyupiddo has an extensive repertoire of sushi, sashimi, tataki, maki and other products of Japanese origin, as well as special menus that combine all of the above elements. They delight their guests.

    Ideal if you're planning to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner in a quiet environment, next to a small swimming pool, around candles' light and the incomparable Mediterranean Sea in the background. Don't worry about climbing to Dalt Vila: Kyupiddo provides you a unique transport system so that you can comfortably access up to the establishment.

    A place that seems removed from a tale, with a professional and personalized attention and an exclusive atmosphere. And if you prefer to enjoy these delicacies from any other corner in this wonderful island, Kyupiddo makes it easy thanks to its unique delivery service. You have no excuse to not taste Kyupiddo's cuisine.




    Choose from a careful selection of soups, including the famous miso soup, tartare (tuna, sea bream, salmon ...) and salads.

    Hot Tempura

    Among all the possibilities that you can find, you highlighted the Sesamy Ginger chicken and salmon as two of the most desirable.


    Sashimi lovers will not be disappointed with the range of possibilities, one of the most original, the scallop.


    Choose from tuna carpaccio, salmon, wagyu ...


    Among others, you can enjoy delicious duck tataki.

    Keep going!


    Of salmon, scallop, eel ... exquisite roe.


    Grapefruit and shrimp, sea bream and mango, spicy tuna ... creativity knows no bounds.


    The golden, rice, mango cubes, fennel and passion fruit is presented as one of the most original. Other ingredients you can find in this fascinating selection are: confit lemon, arugula or spicy sauce.


    Two recommended options:
    Shrimp, mango, thai sauce and crispy.
    Foie gras, fig chutney, fresh mango and toasted hazelnuts
    Other ingredients that dot this specialty: arugula, walnuts, honey ...


    Lulorossa, avocado, masago and cucumber.


    Mint, cilantro, Masago, avocado, cream cheese and rice.


    A favorite, the chicken katsu.

    Maki roquette

    With arugula wrapped in tuna or salmon.

    Chaud devat

    Tereyaki Tuna, Chicken Katzu, Washugyu ...


    Salmon, scallops, tuna, chicken ...


    Trying the Dragon shrimp, asparagus, avocado and chives is always a good idea.

    Avocado tao

    Mix the avocado with salmon and prawns ... a pleasure.

    Japan roll

    Salmon, omelette, tuna, cheese, avocado and cucumber.


    Should not overlook the culinary new restaurants. Maki sushi and Mexican, Italian, style caesar ...

    Q Cumber

    A light and delicious option. Salmon, cheese, wasabi, surimi, lobster ...


    Brownies,a refined and varied selection of cheesecakes (one of the original: the tempura cheesecake), panna cottawhite chocolate soup and, most striking, nutella makis (combined with banana, strawberry, mango ...).

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      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
      • over 60 €
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      • Romantic
      • Night
      • With friends
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      • With sunset
      • Drinks & Cocktails
      • Charming
    • Tipo de Comida

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      • Japanese
      • Creative

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