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    El Hotel Pacha Restaurante

    Paseo Marítimo, S/N

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    0 reviews


    Starting from 30€

    Opening hours

    Open daily
    08.00am to 11.00pm


    This restaurant will satisfy all your senses with the spirit, extravagance and flavours of Pacha, served with the highest standard of cutting edge cuisine. The Restaurant lounge is on the Hotel’s main floor, offering clients the best cuisine.

    Besides the extensive delicatessen menu, they also offer a menu with sushi and typical island dishes. This Restaurant also offers buffet breakfasts on a daily basis and we give their guests a taste of the island on a weekly basis with their unique Gourmet menus.

    Check out some of their suggested meals:

    The Micuit
    Foie Micuit
    Micuit gras with fig jam and jelly Pedro Ximenez.
    € 20

    The Salmon
    Crusted Salmon
    Sesame crusted salmon with baby vegetables and miso sauce.
    € 19

    Gazpacho with scabs
    Salmorejo crusty bread with ham Joselito. A very Mediterranean and very drinkable summer dish.

    El Timbal
    Timbal artichokes
    Timbal of artichokes with bacon Joselito veil and black olive tape swim. One of the new creations for this season our chef.
    € 14

    The Bass
    Sea bass with vegetables
    Sea bass with vegetables sauteed rosemary oil and soy sauce and yuzu. Plato fused with Asian cuisine.
    € 31

    The Tenderloin
    Beef tenderloin
    National Beef tenderloin with puff spicy sausage and asparagus. A dish with Ibizan touches.
    € 26

    The shasimi and Niguiris
    Sashimi Tuna
    Sashimi tuna and salmon, along with niguiris Gamba, salmon and eel.

    Their Flao
    Flaó version of SXXI
    Flaó version of SXXI with jelly beans and crispy herbs Ibiza croissant. One of the star dishes from our chef, this dish was created for the book The new Ibiza's Kitchen and is now best-selling dessert.
    € 10

    If you prefer, you can also find delicious salads, pasta and rice

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      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
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      • Night
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      • Fish

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