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    Cana Sofía

    Calle Castelldefels 10, 07830 Sant Josep de sa Talaia (Ibiza)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    524 reviews


    Starting from 28€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday:
    9:00am to 11:45pm.



    One of the most wonderful things you can enjoy on the island of Ibiza are the incredible sunsets, and in this restaurant you can enjoy with the amazing views of the best sunsets and a wide variety of cocktails. Enjoy the real nightlife in an elegant and relaxed surroundings with an outstanding service.


    In Cala Vadella (San José) one of the best beaches on the island, a few meters from the sea you will find Cana Sofia Restaurant, runned by Chef Moises Machado Tamayo, his wife Sofía Marí and a great team of professionals. Moises Machado, the Chef, has won the Balearic Island Chef's Championship held in Palma de Mallorca in 2010. The restaurant has a selected and extensive wine cellar with 60 wine references which are preserved to the right temperature.


    The restaurant offers a studied fusion of traditional Mediterranean and Ibiza-classical cuisine such as paella, rice with lobster, fresh island fish, seafood vivarium, A Banda rice, Ibicencan Stews, etc.

    All this combined with the most current trends in creative cuisine Author-fusion, with dishes like crispy prawn salad with fresh figs, or the scallops with foie gras and pineapple, sushi-sashimi tuna, and not to mention totally homemade desserts like chocolate soufflé with ice cream or pepper semifredo Ibicencan figs flavored with vanilla.


    MENU (in euros)

    Cold starters

    Bread, alioli, olives and house appetizer (per person)...2,50

    Toasted garlic bread with sobrasada (typical sausage) and orange...6,00

    Homemade pickled mussels and bread toast...8,00

    Spoon gazpacho treated like a salmorejo, with marinated tuna trunk, egg, extra virgin olive oil and Quelis...10,00

    Classic Mediterranean salad with mesclun mixed lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber, olives, red pepper, marinated tuna, boiled egg and white asparagus, dressed with extra virgin olive oil...14,00

    Vitello tonnato with roast beef cheek cooked at low temperature in our own way, green salad with arugula, onions, mushrooms, classic sauce and parmesan flakes...15,00

    Salad Cana Sofía with grilled goat cheese, crispy ham, almonds, raisins, lettuce mesclun, tomato, onion, orange and apple dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, extra virgin olive oil, basil and honey...16,00

    Ibicencan baked potato salad, roasted red pepper, boiled egg, chives, Ibicencan bread crackers, tomato, olives, dried fish from Formentera and gourmet herrings in extra virgin olive oil...15,00

    Great salad to share with 1 boiled lobster and king prawns, treated with a cocktail of apple, pineapple, avocado, lettuce and orange with Campari cocktail sauce (2 pers. / price per person)...25,00

    Bluefin tuna tartare with avocado, apple and green salad with arugula...22,00

    Red prawn ceviche, sea bream and octopus, tomato, avocado and onion...24,00

    Black Angus Ox fillet steak tartare with tomato, arugula and onion served with toast...22,00

    Spanish cured Iberian ham, Ibicencan bread biscuits and fried almonds...22,00

    Gastronomic tasting tapas, cold and hot starters

    6 tapas + Special of the day according to the chefs (min. 2 pers. / Price per pers.)...25,00

    Hot starters

    Country chicken and Iberian Spanish cured ham croquettes...7,00

    Cod and king prawns fritters...8,00

    Andalusian style shrimp omelettes and guacamole (unit)...2,50

    Semi-salted Ibicencan red prawn (unit)...6,00

    Scrambled eggs with sea anemones, cod, young garlic and toast...12,00

    Scallops and grilled fresh duck foie gras with baked apple with vanilla...22,00

    Grilled octopus with Ibicencan arrugao potatoes and candied bacon BT...15,00

    Garlic king prawns with fried chickpeas and tomato...15,00

    Grilled seasonal vegetables with Ibicencan potato, zucchini, eggplant, carrot, green asparagus, onion, etc...14,00

    Spaghetti with squid sauteed with dried tomatoes, garlic and capers...19,00

    Ravioloni stuffed with buffala's mozzarella ricotta and spinach on ratatouille of seasonal vegetables and parmesan...16,00

    Vegetables and prawns Wok with soy rice noodles...16,00

    Veal Bolognese lasagna, classic, gratinated with 5 cheeses...14,00


    Ibicencan countryside chicken breast breaded with cornflakes, with mango curry sauce, grilled pineapple and coconut rice...17,00

    Fajitas Tex-Mex of Fore rib with pineapple served with flour tortillas and homemade guacamole...17,00

    Extra charcoal grilled meat and vegetables with farm's chicken, lamb, prey Iberian pork, Black Angus ox entraña (thick steak), Creole sausage, chorizo sausage and black pudding (min. 2 people / price per person)...20,00

    Iberian suckling pig roasted BT, served boneless with its crunchy and green salad with rocket, orange and roasted apple...23,00

    Grilled national beef fillet steak with duck's foie, potato gnocchi and seasonal vegetable ratatouille...29,00

    Grilled national beef fillet steak without foie...24,00

    Grilled national T-bone steak of 1 kg. (30 days of ripening) served with homemade chips and green salad (min. 2 persons / price per person)...22,00

    Charcoal grilled Black Angus Nebraska ox extra filled steak tournedó, potato gnocchi and seasonal vegetable ratatouille...40,00

    Extra garnishing, potatoes, vegetables, etc...6,00

    Dish of the day: chef appetizer - bread, olives and alioli - Dish of the day - Dessert...19,00

    Dish of the day Saturdays, Sundays, vespers and bank holidays...24,00

    Rice dishes and paellas (min. 2 pers. / price per person)

    Risotto made with Carnaroli rice

    Creamy risotto with Parmesan seasonal vegetables...12,00

    Creamy risotto with scallops, wild mushrooms, duck's foie gras and fresh parmesan...22,00

    Paellas and rice dishes made with Spanish Extra Bomba rice and AVOE

    Black rice casserole with sea anemones, artichokes, cuttlefish, king prawns and mushrooms...19,00

    Fideuá arrosejat of thin noodles with seafood anemones, squid, cuttlefish and king prawns (all peeled)...20,00

    Mixed paella with Ibicencan farmer's chicken, cuttlefish, king prawns and mussels...20,00

    Special seafood paella with cuttlefish, mussels, king prawns, crayfish, red prawns and Ibicencan crab...25,00

    Paella arroz a la banda with cuttlefish, king prawns and 1/2 lobster (per person)...28,00

    Paella Cana Sofía of fish and seafood with monkfish, halibut, king prawns, mussels, crayfish, red shrimp, Ibicencan crab, etc...35,00

    Cana Sofía brothy Fisherman's rice casserole (all fish and seafood peeled and boneless) with monkfish, halubut, king prawns, mussels, crayfish, red prawns, squid, etc...35,00

    Gastronomic tasting menu...60,00
    The chef's elaborate a creative menu based on market and season.
    High quality menu which changes every day, consisting of 1 cold starter, 1 hot starters, 1 meat dish, 1 fish dish and 1 dessert portions (adequate amounts)

    Gastronomic tasting menu and wine pairing...120,00
    They will serve the right wine for each elaboration and dish

    Fish and seafood

    National grilled squid, classic style, AVOE and garlic blanched, served with rice and vegetables...22,00

    Steamed salmon with wok vegetables, rice noodles and king prawns Thai style...20,00

    Lobster with garlic (pelled and clean) with hummus and tomato...45,00

    Sea bass, bream or wild snapper to the salt (entire piece) vegetables and hollandaise sauce (kilo price recommended for 2 persons / price per person)...35,00

    Baked sea bass, bream or wild snapper, classic Mediterranean style with potatoes, peppers and onions in white wine...35,00

    Sea bass or bream (portion) with grilled seasonal vegetables...26,00

    Grilled bluefin tuna pepper crusted with guacamole, crispy parmesan and vegetable sushi...28,00

    Braised monkfish with roasted garlic tomatoes, oregano and black olives...26,00

    Grilled grouper BT, with potatoes cooked our way...28,00

    John Dory, Ibicencan scorpionfish, red snapper, Toothed bream (entire piece) (price per kilo recommended for 2 persons)...70,00

    John Dory, Ibicencan scorpionfish, red snapper, Toothed bream, grilled or braised with seasonal vegetables or baked, classic Mediterranean style with sliced potatoes, peppers and onions in white wine...70,00

    Suquet / Ibicencan lobster stew with classic style potatoes (min. 2 persons / price per person for 1 kg)...60,00

    Ibicencan fish bullit (stew) our way with red prawns, crab, grouper, monkfish, Ibicencan scorpionfish... with alioli potatoes and its rice paella a banda with cuttlefish (full menu 2 courses) (min. 2 persons / price per person)...39,00

    Great BBQ / Varied grilled and garlic braised fish tasting with seasonal vegetables (Min. 2 persons / Price per person) with tuna, grouper, monkfish, sea bream, sea bass, king prawns, squid, mussels, etc...45,00
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      • Drinks & Cocktails
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      • Mediterranean
      • Rices
      • Shellfish
      • Fish

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