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    Atzaró La Veranda Restaurante

    C/Sant Juan Km 15, 07819 Ibiza

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    232 reviews


    From 30 €

    Opening hours

    Monday to Sunday
    12:30pm - 11:30pm


    To contemplate the nature that saturates Atzaró you need to explore every nook and cranny. Have a cocktail or a natural juice, a glass of wine or an appetizer while enjoying nature in its purest possible form, because you’ll always have their ample gastronomic selection at your disposition.


    The Veranda offers a healthy kitchen, light and exquisite, elaborated with fresh seasonal products and ingredients from the garden.

    It's more than a place, surrounded with the scents of orange blossom, rosemary and views of Mediterranean beauty.


    For the 2015 season our team led by Chef Lucia Ferrer has created new health-oriented dishes without leaving aside the exquisite taste and simplicity. Make sure to try our Red Rice with Vegetables and sweet and sour Seitan or the Atzaro Garden´s Salad.

     The Mediterranean Sea provides us with dishes like Tuna Tataki with Papaya Salad and Seaweed or Grilled Octopus; the best meat and fish are well represented in our menu.

    Also the most classic dishes of the house that have been in our menu for many years as the Atzaro Steak Tartar, one of Ibiza’s best;  or the fresh and tasty Burratina with Pesto and Tomatoes from the garden. Not to forget the healthy and tasty Macrobiotic Salad.


    Something to nibble
    *Mini corn cobs with homemade guacamole.....9€
    *Falafel on pita bread with goat cheese sauce.....12€
    *Grannies Pie.....12€
    *Salmon Roll with cheese sauce and mint.....12€
    *Farm house chicken wings with cous cous.....10€
    *Crudites with homemade focaccia and Dips.....11€

    *Beet and watermelon “gazpacho”.....12€
    *Classic Caesar salad with farm house chicken.....16€
    *Macrobiotic salad.....20€
    *Atzaró garden’s Salad with tuna loins......16€
    *Grilled vegetables with poached egg and romesco sauce......18€
    *Burratina with pesto soup and homemade tomato confit.....18€
    *Veggie Burguer......18€
    *Atzaró Steak Tartar.....26€
    *Grilled Scallops with avocado and mango tartar dressed with miso......24€
    Iberic Ham on “pà de vidre”.....28€

    Rices & Pasta
    *Chef´s risotto......18€
    *Vegetarian filled Pasta......16€
    *Creamy green rice with Red Prawn / Tofu.....18€

    *Cod on toast with lemon all I oli and spinach catalonian style.....22€
    *Truffled grilled monkfish with potatoe and fennel Parmentier......28€
    *Marinated Tuna tataki with papaya and seaweed salad and basmati rice.....25€
    *Sea bass with citrics and anchovies sauce.....28€
    *Ibicencan squid with onion purée and edamame bean.....22€

    *Atzaró Beef Burger.....21€
    *Chicken burguer Mexican style.....20€
    *Entrecotte with “escalivada” and baked potatoes.....30€
    *Beef tenderloin with polenta fingers and “piquillo” coulis.....32€
    *Moroccan style marinated rack of lamb with three peppers......28€
    *Duck breast with topinambur cream and baked apple.....26€

    All the meat and fish accompanied by a garnish of your choice:
    Vegetables, basmati rice or ibicencan potato
    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 40-60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Romantic
      • Business
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      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Lounge
      • Drinks & Cocktails
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      • Creative
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