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    Ample 32

    Carrer de la Soledat, 64 - 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany (Eivissa)

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    18 reviews


    Starting from 27€

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Sunday, 1:00pm to 4:00pm and 8:00pm to 12:00pm.


    Creativity and gastronomy. Two concepts which shake hands in Ample 32.

    Placed in the peaceful village of Sant Joan de Portmany, this restaurant unites traditional cooking's colouring from Ibiza and carefree avant-garde cuisine, without ignoring plates' quality and presentation, two important factors to triomph in guests' palates.

    As a starter, Ample 32 offers original plates such as trade mark foie micuit with banana and crispy yucca. About fish dishes, the chef suggests, for example, and appetizing cod cannellone with spinaches or some succulent sauté langoustins with curry. About meats, Ample 32 gives you the chance of choosing among attractive productions such as some Iberian prey fillets or the best calf sirloin tartar.

    But once there in Ample 32, you can't afford to miss the chance of tasting its ample range of wines: red, white, rosé... For every taste, from Ibiza and from the world. And always under the attentive advice of the service.

    In the evening, Ample 32 counts on all kinds of cocktails to enjoy with friends in a relaxed ambient, in its modern establishment or in its desirable terrace.

    Mediterranean, creative and avant-garde cuisine at a moderate price and with a refined assistance.




    Payés broken eggs with sobrassada
    Foie micuit with banana and crispy yucca
    Wakame seaweed salad with roastbeef
    Recebo ham with cuts of bread and Ibizan tomato
    Pink salmon tartar with avocado pear and prawn crackers
    Prawn rolled in coconut with thai vegetables base
    Red tuna carpaccio with nobu sause
    Melon with ham treated as a salad
    Grilled vegetables with roasted provolone
    Pineapple canellone with lettuce and goat cheese
    Steamed liosas with sweet soya been.
    Red prawn niguiri with sautéed
    Red tuna niguiris


    Little lamb chops with false wheat risotto
    Beef sirloin tartar
    Iberian prey fillets with rocket and Parmesan cheese
    Gnocchi with black mushrooms and chocolate truffe
    Ox fillet with mushroom dark sause and potato cake with cheese
    Homemade steak hamburger with payés fried potato and onion marmelade


    Crispy cod roll with spinaches and wasabi Dutch
    Marinated red tuna in sweet soya been with tomato and basil tartar
    Lasagne of squid frita
    Cut of oven European sea bass with honey suquet
    Sauté lagoustines with curry and vegetable rice


    Sex on the Beach adaptation
    Loquat tempura with coco ice cream
    Flaó foam
    Lichy and apple pastry with ginger cream and passion ice cream
    Black chocolate coulant with beetroot and vanilla

    Menu of wines and cocktails

    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 25-40 €
      • 40-60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Family
      • Romantic
      • Business
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • For lunch
      • For dinner
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

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      • Mediterranean
      • Creative

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