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    Boat Rental / Alquiler de Barcos

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    The island of Ibiza has countless natural wonders where you can access to by car, by bike or, of course, on foot. In Beaching we describe only the most impressive ones you can find, but every corner of Ibiza is a new undiscovered world. 

    However, when it comes to make the descriptions of everything that you could enjoy in the island, we ignore precisely the fact that it is an island and therefore, it is surrounded by sea. A Mediterranean Sea which was the cradle of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, which are the cultural germ of the Southern Europe as we know it nowadays and which, during the last centuries, has extended its influence by other continents as a result of the preponderance that the European countries and their people have had in the course of world events. 

    The Mediterranean is a warm sea, with crystal and blue waters that will transform you into a moment in Adam or Eve, since you will think that these waters are only preserve of Paradise. You can enjoy the Mediterranean, logically, in the many beaches and coves that are plentiful in the Ibizan coast (in fact, in Beaching we recommend you the most appealing ones). However, there is an even more direct way to contact with the Mediterranean: a unique boat trip! 

    So Beaching offers you an exclusive service of booking for boat rental. No additional cost, with minimal waiting times, with all the features that you request. Plough through the waters of the warm Mediterranean in a perfect boat to relax and live a unique experience, touching the sea with your fingertips. 

    Tours around Ibiza town, a journey through the Eastern coast on the sea of Santa Eulalia, an expedition to the Northern zone between San Antonio and Puerto de San Miguel... or a getaway to the neighboring island of Formentera! An island full of light and charm, cosy, far away from the noise and the big crowds. An authentic peaceful haven, ideal for achieving a total state of connection with yourself. And just a few miles away from Ibiza! 

    The maritime plans that might arise are endless. Contact us by calling the 0034615258432 and let us know what you are looking for. We’ll get you! Full steam ahead!
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