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    Ibiza Underground

    Crta. San Antonio - Ibiza Km.7 07816 San Rafael

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    Opening hours

    From 12:00pm until 06:00am



    Underground as its name suggests is a place that feels comfortable in the occult. It moves comfortably in the shadows and does not need the approval of the others or fame or the show ... although it has them all. A truly unique place in Ibiza that moves away from the crowds, the macro-parties, the name of a star. In Underground (known by some simply as U) you will find high quality music for select minorities with criteria.

    In this club, very popular among the residents of the island and seasonal workers, privacy is something to be valued. The feeling of sharing something unique with a lucky few, in an authentic and special atmosphere is something that still matters in here.

    It is located between Amnesia and Privilege, in a beautiful place that is not very easy to locate. Admission is usually free or otherwise, inexpensive ... and with a drink included, which is unusual on the island.

    Underground it is not characterized by large promotions or do much advertising. Even its website is somewhat cryptic and not lavish on information. Being smart enough to know of its existence when going to Ibiza, that's your best chance to see this powerful place. That and the word of mouth from those who are faithful to its music, its environment and its mystery.


    Enjoy the select concerts and sessions chosen for those who love the different and authentic way of life.

    This season the label ART OF DARK held several parties in Underground.

    On July 11, August 4, September 1, September 15 and October 6, you will enjoy Art of Dark with names like:
    Herodotus, Colin Chiddle, Onur Ozer, Barak and many more.

    They will also have the parties organized by LOLA ED, whose information will gradually emerging in social networks.

    Actually that is your best choice this summer to find out what is happening in the Underground ... be very attentive to the movement in social networks and enjoy the Underground experience at all levels.

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